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Laila Schubert was raised in Indonesia, the U.S.A. and Germany. Her first music lessons were on the recorder at the age of eight, followed by horn and piano lessons a few years later.

2003-2009: Horn and Music Pedagogy studies at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (College of Music in Hamburg) with Prof. Ab Koster. Completion of Master’s degree (Diploma) in both fields.

2008-2013: Horn, trumpet and piano teacher at music schools in Hamburg and in surrounding regions (Hamburg-Bergstedt Music School and “Musikschule im Kulturhof Itzehoe”, among others). First place prizes for students at the annual German youth music competition “Jugend musiziert”, conduction of brass workshops.

Since 2014: Horn player and music teacher in Vienna and surrounding states, such as horn teacher at the Böheimkirchen Music School, “Musikschule Klangspiele”, “Klangwerkstatt Tulln” (summer music workshop in Tulln), conductor of  “Jugendstadtkapelle Neusiedl am See” (Neusiedl am See youth wind ensemble) and of “Ökumenobrass” Vienna (brass choir). Private lessons for brass instruments, piano and child-parent music lessons. Since 2021: Teacher for horn and piano at “Musikschule Korneuburg”.

Orchestras/Ensembles: Klassikphilharmonie Hamburg, Stage Entertainment Hamburg, Hamburg Baroque Orchestra, Braunschweig State Orchestra, Concerto Classico Frankfurt, Synchron Stage Vienna, Bühne Baden, Studio Dan, Polizeimusik Wien, Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra, Ensemble Ultreia, Eurobrass, various orchestra projects in Hamburg and Vienna.

Laila Schubert has also performed solo concertos in several European countries and can be heard on CD productions with Capella Weilburgensis, Weser Renaissance Bremen and the Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra.